About Star Outdoors.

An abundance of adventures await you at Star Outdoors.

About UsThe Star Outdoors Story

When our customers think about Star Outdoors, their memories encompass laughter, anticipation, adrenaline, adventure and those memories will last a lifetime. Star Outdoors is a purpose built adventure center for watersports that has grown immensely since it opened its doors in 2004. Hear laughter from the balcony of Con's Bar and Restaurant as the banana boat ripples through the water, with the wakeboarder in close pursuit, while kid's are jumping and giggling as they tackle the water park.


The nearby kayakers take in the fun while paddling along the uninhabited islands while the seasoned sailing crafts are navigating Kenmare Bay. Heads are turning on the pier as 'The Star of Kenmare' Wildlife Cruise returns after an hours trip on the bay and happy families disembark as a private party hops on board.


Hear gunshots fly as this Kerry paintball course is being put to the test, 'warriors' running for cover in the woods while their younger soldiers took on the same battle ' Splat ball' earlier that week. An abundance of adventures await you at Star Outdoors, with archery, team building, murder mystery, mini golf and the obstacle course to the fore.... Can you take it on???

Our Mission: For you to have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

The Star Outdoors Team.

Everyone at Star Outdoors is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience while you are with us. You can meet some of our talented team below ahead of your adventures with us.

Manager Michelle

Manager Anthony

Receptionist Bridget

Receptionist Cathy

Captain of 'Star of Kenmare' Patsy

Restaurant Supervisor Denise

Tour Guide James

Instructor Jamie

Instructor Niall

Instructor Robyn

Activity Manager Joe

Bar & Restaurant Alannah

Bar & Restaurant Mags